Part of Kibble Education and Care Centre

What We Grow

We are growing a range of vegetables in our garden for use in our kitchens. In some cases, we are growing different varieties of the same crop to extend the season and give us an idea of what is best suited to our site and soils.

In selecting our seed, we have tried where possible to use older varieties from companies such as Real Seeds and Organic Gardening Catalogue and have more a less stayed away from modern F1 Type cultivars with a few exceptions. We hope in coming seasons to use only our own seed, grown, collected and stored here to be used the following year.

At this point, people will probably want to know whether we are organic or not. We aren’t right now. We don’t use any chemicals or artificial fertilisers. Instead we use physical controls and will make our own pesticides and biological controls. For now, we will focus on creating a working, sustainable system in the garden.