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Slenderette Bean

A dwarf French Bean. Long, dark green, cylindrical pods with good flavour.

Canadian Wonder

This is a Victorian variety with good flavour. It has a bushy habit, vigorous and prolific with bright green flat pods. They can be picked when young and tender or left to mature to harvest the red beans inside. We will make successional sowings of Canadian Wonder to ensure a regular supply through the summer.

Neckar Queen

Hardy climbing bean producing lots of tasty, stringless, dark green, pencil slim pods. There will be two main crops of this bean grown on both wire mesh and over hazel wigwams in our Centenary Garden.

Cherokee Trail of Tears

This bean was originally from the native North American Cherokee people. In 1838 they were driven out of their homelands in the state of Georgia by the US government to make room for European settlers , a forced march known as the 'Trail of Tears'. This bean is one of their heirlooms they managed to keep with them and has been passed on from generation to generation ever since.

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